The need for written content is greater than ever

We are consuming content at a staggering rate and producing more blogs, social media posts and newsletters than ever before. There is an expectation for quality content, crafted brand stories, mobile-optimised presentation and an objective to capture people's attention in a couple of seconds. As an individual or a business, the need for written content is great but so is the pressure on internal resources to support it. 

you might need a freelance writer

I am a freelance digital copywriter and content marketer with ten years experience. I work on a range of editorial projects with my clients from writing blog posts to developing their entire content marketing strategy. Here are a few of my specialisms.



Clear, consistent and engaging website content will gain you authority and trust among your target audience. I can write all elements of web content from full pages to functional calls to action. I am fully trained in content management platforms like Wordpress, Square Space and Drupal.



Blog posts are an effective way to build your site's authority within Google and attract new customers with value added information, interesting facts or tips and tricks. I can research and write for any industry and also devise a publishing schedule so you can stay on track.



Having a consistent tone of voice will add strength to your brand, tighten your image and build trust and clarity both internally and externally. I work with clients on style concepts and provide documents on tone of voice. I also offer training to the team on how to write consistently.



All of the content you produce whether it's an email, a social media post, website copy or a blog post, needs to speak the same consistent language throughout. Clarity and consistency are the golden rules of a strong content campaign. It needs to cut to the chase, reflect your brand character and most importantly, make it easy for your customers to understand your offering. 


Whilst I am a traditional writer who started as a print journalist, I have training in all aspects of digital content which enables me to provide you with a holistic service that will meet your business and marketing objectives. I consider User Experience (UX), Google Analytics, best practice, digital trends and keywords to completely revamp how you are presenting yourself to customers or clients. The overall idea is to use content to reach your business objectives, whether that is winning new clients, selling more products and services or getting more people to sign up to your event.


I've had a the great pleasure to work with a variety of clients over the past year. Click on each name for more detail on the specific content projects. 

Lorna has been a delight to work with - a true professional and very personable. Her knowledge and expertise in content creation and digital marketing are of the highest order and has made a big impact in her short time Raconteur as a freelancer. Would hire her again in a heartbeat if the time arose again
— Tony Nguyen - Digital Marketing Manager, Raconteur
Lorna makes any project we work on a smooth and easy process. She picks up the needs of a project quickly, asking insightful questions and then consistently delivers high quality copy. We love working with her as she is a pleasure to deal with.
— Vicki Jakes - Director, Nitro Digital

free Initial consultation

I always begin the process with an initial call to understand your content needs and requirements. From here I can gauge the right mix of services to benefit you the most.


After our call I will draw out a detailed scope of works with relevant timelines and costings for you to review and consider. If you are happy with the scope, we can begin working together.

project management and delivery

I use online tools like Google Docs and Google Sheets to manage and house all of the content I create for you. This enables a quick way for you to have shared access to review as we go and offer feedback. I normally work remotely but will be in regular contact over the phone and via face-to-face meetings. 


I offer an hourly and a day rate which I apply according to the scope and length of a project. Payment is settled via invoice at the end of the project.